Small Grants for Linked Open Data & Humanities Projects


The Pelagios project is happy to announce a new series of small grants (of up to £4,000) to fund continued development within the scope of Pelagios in 2018.

These are in two forms:

  • Working Groups (WG), which will focus on extending Pelagios linked data methodologies into new areas, and/or establishing best practice within the community; and
  • Resource Development (RD), which will aim to produce digital tools and resources that are compatible with Pelagios linked data methodologies and that can be shared within the community.

Proposals for both WG and RD will be judged according to their relevance to and usefulness for the wider Pelagios community.
We specifically encourage submissions from libraries, archives and museums who are experimenting with Linked Open Data for their collections, and would be interested to explore ways to integrate this material into the Pelagios Linked Open Data ecosystem. Projects which look to periods beyond the ancient world, and outside of the Mediterranean are also encouraged to apply.
If you are interested in either of these small grants schemes, please read more here

  • The deadline for submissions is 29 March 2018.
  • For any enquiries, please email


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